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Presenting a product that will help you TAKE CARE of your HAIR and SCALP and PREVENT the HAIR PROBLEMS from existing. Introducing the HAIR GROWTH CASTOR OIL.

Intensely formulated to help you achieve visibly fuller, thicker and healthier hair. The Hair Density Serum Intense is perfect for those who find their locks are thin, fine and feeling defeated

With high concentrations of the most effective ingredients, this intense Density Serum has been expertly formulated with an extra 3% concentration of caffeine to really advance the benefits.

There’s also an addition of hair-boosting zinc, a unique glucose compound and glycine, a key amino acid for hair health. This powerful complex of actives works intensely to provide elevated results.fuller, thicker and healthier hair

The science of hair

  • An extra 3% concentration of caffeine
  • Added complex with unique hair-boosting abilities
  • Increase the thickness of each hair strand by 13%*
  • Get visible results in as little as 4 weeks

Continued use of the Hair Density Serum Intense gives ultra-intense results, helping to give the appearance of more hair strands.

*Based on an independent user trial and instrumental testing.

Please Note: This product is available as Hair Growth Serum Intense in certain markets. The product formulation is the same in all markets.

Paraben, silicone and sulphate free.

We are committed to ensuring all of our products are cruelty free. This product is also vegan.

Hair Type: For thin, fine and flat hair

How does the hair growth cycle work?

USA no 1 Formula. ISO & GMP manufacturing certified. Brand Reach: 40 million across India. Pincodes serviced:25000+ Units sold: 3,00,0000+




  • Regrow edges and strengthen weak hair, get healthier follicles, effectively nourish hair roots, penetrate the scalp and strengthen the hair roots and achieve hair growth and solidification.
  • Natural proprietary hair regrowing and strengthening formula. 
  • The nutrient component nourishes the capillary in time, it is thickened by capillary, and the hair root no longer falls off.
  • Suitable for hair loss, young and sparse hair, seborrheic alopecia and other people.
  • Net Weight: 50ml


  • Ginger germinal oil is made of Chinese herbal medicine.
  • It can effectively penetrate the scalp.
  • It strengthens the hair roots.



  • Item Type: Hair Loss Product
  • Quantity: 1, 2, 3
  • Product: Ginger Germinal Oil
  • Function: Hair Growth
  • Feature: Alopecia Treatment



  • Wash your hair before use.
  • When the hair is half dry, drop the essential oil on the hair loss or the place where it needs to be grown.
  • Try to drip on the scalp and massage it gently for 2-3 minutes with your fingertips.
  • No need to wash your hair again after use.


Polygonum multiflorum, Angelica, ginseng, ginger, and Chuanxiong


**Due to the massive global ordering this peak season, please allow for at least 2-4 weeks of shipping time for the delivery of your order.

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Customer Reviews (413)

Kavan - 2017-06-19

 Verified Purchase

Wonderful ! This oil works. After lot of research ordered this product. Finally it helped me to get back my original look. I am excited to receive my second order. Guys , don't miss this beauty.

Prakash_Bang - 2017-06-20

 Verified Purchase

Thanks for launching website. I have been asking this for so long. Your service is very good. Your product has helped to bring a change in my life. When I had no option other than demotivation, your oil helped me. Thanks a lot for this great product.

Saravanan - 2017-06-21

 Verified Purchase

Ordered today. Hoping for best result.

Megna - 2017-06-22

 Verified Purchase

Wow. Excellent hair oil in the market. It does wonders. I was hesitate after trying Vcare I was totally demotivated. This miraculous herbal product starts working from day 1. initially after using for about Hair Growth Serum , but when I used for about a month my hair become very thick and my hair fall stopped completely. I will suggest this to all those who are desperate for hair growth. The best part of this product is the aroma of the oil. Must use !!!!

Rajkumar - 2017-06-22

 Verified Purchase

Best oil I have ever used. Bought for my hair fall problem. I had dandruff for last 10 years and could not find any solution. Tried all kind of shampoos but of no use, read lot of reviews about Hair Growth Serum . Ordered and it was delivered in 3 days. Courier package and bottle was not great. First 7 days did not get any improvement. Only after 9 days, I could feel the difference in bald areas. Hair growth process is not as expected. I can see the growth but not as fast as expected.

Bheesma - 2017-06-22

Is there any side effects for this oil? I am interested to buy. Will you deliver to Mumbai. Thankyou.

Hakeem - 2017-06-23

 Verified Purchase

First of all i want to thank this team who is doing a great service. Disappointed only with the delivery time it took 6 days to get this oil. Oil is smooth,silky with very good smell. Surprise part is i had hair fall for last 5 years, but within 4 days of this oil usage, my hair fall completely stopped. If you are looking for hair fall solution go ahead with this oil it will solve in 3 days. But if you are looking for new hair growth then you have wait for 1 month. Happy to have this oil. Anyone who needs oil for hair loss, dont delay just go with this product without any doubt. It works 100%.

Gokul - 2017-06-23

I cant pay with my credit card. Payment link is not working. Kindly fix it.

kevin - 2017-06-23

 Verified Purchase

Good and decent product. Compare to all oils this is top 1. I have researched enough on this. This is a new online startup with a genuine product. Initially bit worried to pay in advance, and I have preferred for Cash on Delivery. Thanku

Suresh - 2017-06-24

 Verified Purchase

This is working !!! 100 % . guys don’t miss this oil. Shocked with the immediate results. my hair fall completely stopped and got new tiny hairs. Ready for monthly package.

Salim-Kolkatta - 2017-06-24

 Verified Purchase

My delivery is delayed for almost 1 week. Please send ASAP. My order ID is 1278. Payment mode is COD.